Friday, September 29, 2006

Philip Island, Melbourne

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Updates from me in Melbourne!


I got here in Melbourne, Australia last June 11, 2006 and I started work on June 13 (a Tuesday since June 12 was a Victoria Holiday). The first day I arrived, my friends and colleages gave me a tour at the City. I was quite suprised to learn that it was already the whole of the city. The city itself was just a square block, having 10 streets and 5 of them are just small streets, thats why their names are Little Lonsdale, Little Bourke, Little Collins. On my second day we went at the Royal Botanic Garden and took shots at the House of Remembrance. Unfortunately we were not able to take a tour on the the garden because we arrived there at 5:20 pm and the park closes at 5:30 pm so we only had barely 10 mins to check the park which would take at least 4 hours to completely tour the park!


I was still temporarily staying at a friends house, occupying their kids room. Made a stupid mistake on leasing a place in the city which costed me a lot of money for breaking the lease! But on the third week, I finally got my home sweet home! It was just beside the place I was temporarily staying in the suburb, but just a 25 minute TRAM ride to the city which is not quite bad. I will not also forget how tired I got for cooking for a friends birthday celebration! I did not even had done that for one of my kids.


I have started processing the visa of my family since my husband just got his passport late of July. On August 12, we went to Mount Buller to go skiing. Skiing just looks good when you are just looking but once I tried it, it was such a painful experience. The ski boots are a monster on the feet. I did not last more than 2 hours wearing it. I felt my toes will all turn black if I wear it a little more longer! On the third saturday of the month (actually which also was my birthday) we went to a stripping bar to celebrate hens night for our two friends. On the last saturday of the month, we attended a double wedding of our Filipino colleages! All their visitors was us pinoy friends. There was not a single family present since they don't have any here in Melbourne. It turned out great considering the short preparation they had to do it. There was no entourage on the church, just the bride, groom, witnesses and guests. The priest was also Filipino and the church was St. Bridget Church at Nicholson, Melbourne. In the 3rdt week of this month, my family visas got approved!


Finally my husband and 2 kids arrived here in Melbourne last Sept 9 (sat) at 6:30 am. We have already visited the Melbourne Aquarium and the kids enjoyed it.